Trauma Theory


Contact: C. Fred Alford

I’m a Professor of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland, College Park.  I’ve written over fifteen books on moral psychology, including Trauma and Forgiveness (Cambridge UP, 2013), and After the Holocaust (Cambridge UP, 2009).  Some years ago I wrote Melanie Klein and Critical Social Theory (reissued by Yale in paperback and still in print).  More on me at my department website, I’ve been the Executive Director of APCS for a number of years, and co-edit the Psychoanalysis and Society series with Cornell University Press.  Much of my research on trauma has been with the Fortunoff Video Archives for Holocaust Testimony at Yale. I’ve been the victim of trauma, but that’s not the subject of my blog.

My blog consists of thoughts and book reviews on trauma theory.  The best way to describe it is say what the first three posts are about.  (1) A review of Crazy Like Us, which looks at what happens when the category of PTSD is applied to other cultures.  (2) A critical look at the category of PTSD in DSM-5.  (3) A consideration of the possibility that trauma is what happens when the myths of the world are stripped away.  All are written in a light academic style (if that’s possible), with brief references.

Please click here for a direct link to my website:

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