Psychoanalysis and Writing

Contact:    Zoe Charalambous:

Dr. Zoe Charalambous received her PhD in Psychosocial Studies from the Institute of Education in September 2014. She is a life-long researcher of “Writing Fantasies and the constitution of Writer Subjectivity” (part of her PhD thesis title). She is a poet, translator, lecturer and researcher. She has worked as a course leader for the Bachelor of Education at the Institute of Education, in London, U.K., graduated from the famous Warwick University Writing Programme and interested in the intersections of psychoanalysis and writing. She is currently taking “a break” from the intense sprint of her academic studies, in Greece, where she teaches English Literature by day at Anatolia College, the American College of Thessaloniki, and writes by night.

‘All writing begins with a panic…” (Hecq 2005,online no pages). Psychoanalysis and writing have been encountering each other in the forms of different avatars of concerns for many centuries now. This blog will delve into different theorizations drawn from psychoanalytic theory about the act and the pedagogies of writing linking this insight to current thinkers and research. The field of empirical research in writing using psychoanalytic theory is newly-evolving. The aim of the blog will also be to present ideas from current research and thinkers in this inter-disciplinary field. The blog will feature collaborations with guest bloggers and interviews.

(Hecq, D. (2005). “Uncanny Encounters of Writing, Anxiety and Jouissance”., online no pages)

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