Psychoanalysis, Religion & Spirituality

Courtney L. Slater
Psychoanalysis, social psychology, and religion/spirituality

My primary areas of interest are psychoanalysis, social psychology, and religion/spirituality.  I appreciate interdisciplinary dialogue between psychologists, theologians, and philosophers all attending to the relational nature of humanity, identity, suffering, and development.  I hope that my clinical work facilitates integration of the self and reconciliation with others, including the sacred. Some examples of blog topics may include the unconscious as a mystical dimension, therapy as a spiritual practice, dialectics of transcendence and immanence, object relations and God representation, and transformation through death and rebirth.  Discussion, guest entries, and interaction are encouraged.

Courtney L. Slater, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor at Widener University’s Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology, where she teaches courses in social psychology, diversity, assessment, and spirituality and religion in psychotherapy.  She also has a small practice in Newark, Delaware and is committed to offering religious clients a relational therapy that not only focuses on psychological growth, but also values religious process.  Courtney received her Ph.D. at the Rosemead School of Psychology in Southern California, where she studied the integration of religion, spirituality, and clinical psychology.

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