Social Justice & Activism

Allan Scholom
Activism and social justice issues

In terms of area of interest with regard to the “activism and
social justice” blogging, my idea is to provide commentary and
analysis on ‘current events’ from a psychoanalytic and
cultural/political point of view. In offering a deeper, broader and
hopefully more enlightening perspective as to what is going on in the
world than what is available through the mainstream media
(particularly in the United States), we can   educate ourselves
regarding here and now issues as well as to reach out and become more
relevant to the public as a source of understanding and action. Guest blogs in the field and dialogues with guest bloggers will be featured.

Allan Scholom, Ph.D. is Secretary of the Board and Chair of the
Professional and Political Affairs Committee of the Chicago Center for
Psychoanalysis, and on the Faculty of the Institute for Clinical
Social Work. He was the Founder and Chair of the Illinois Coalition of
Mental Health Professionals and Consumers, and Vice Chair of the
Chicago Community Mental Health Board. He has written and presented
extensively on the interface of psychoanalysis and politics,
especially relating to health and mental health care. He is in private
practice in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in Chicago.

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