Psychonanalysis & Pedagogy

Llana Carroll
Psychoanalysis of pedagogy

Llana Carroll will be blogging on the psychoanalysis of pedagogy.  Building on the work of Jeffery Berman, Mark Bracher, and Marshall Alcorn, she will consider the myriad ways that psychoanalytic theory, technique, and practice can inform teaching. Llana is interested in the ways that psychoanalysis informs the teaching of writing, both in writing programs, English departments, and beyond.  The idea behind the blog is to keep readers informed of developments in the area of psychoanalytic theories and practices of pedagogy through book reviews, analyses of relevant texts, and practical examples from the classroom, and current events. The blog seeks to help us reflect on our how our intellectual commitment to psychoanalytic theory and practice informs our pedagogies broadly construed.

Having graduated from the University of Pittsburgh’s interdisciplinary program in English: Critical and Cultural Studies, Llana teaches essay writing and serves as a consultant in the Writing in the Disciplines program at New York University.  She has published on feminist pedagogy in Feminist Teacher and regularly writes book reviews on gender-and-sexualities-studies for Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal.  She is currently working on several projects related to so-called personal writing and its place in the curricula of first-year composition and “Writing in the Disciplines” and “Writing Across the Curriculum” courses.  She is also interested in the possibility of writing as a mindfulness practice––one that can help students and others improve attention, self-reflection, self-understanding, and even support profound healing after life-altering trauma.

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