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“A Work in Progress” by Billie Pivnick

The National September 11 Memorial Museum was one created with a “relational design” (Pivnick & Hennes, 2015; Pivnick, 2016). Exhibition designer, Tom Hennes of Thinc Design, partnered with the National September 11 Memorial Museum, sought my services as a psychoanalyst … Continue reading

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“The Unknown in the Making, and what we make of it?” – an embodiment of the melancholy in Greece…

Starting from the end or where we left our gaze hanging on a cliff or a horizon that has not yet been made into a sign that can be read, indeed, may take one into a road of writing that … Continue reading

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Marshall Alcorn’s Resistance to Learning, One

Marshal Alcorn’s Resistance to Learning: Overcoming the Desire-Not-to-Know in the Classroom is so dense and rich that I’ve decided it deserves multiple blog posts.  In the first, here, I am going to discuss the shape of the book and the introduction and … Continue reading

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