Welcome to APCS Blog Site

The Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture & Society (APCS) has been established to promote greater understanding of how cultural and social phenomena affect human subjectivity in ways that are socially significant and to promote new, more socially beneficial ways of applying psychoanalysis to social problems.  APCS is pleased to offer a series of blogs, covering a variety of pressing social issues. Each blog is curated by an APCS member and each blog will include entries by the blog curator as well as guest commentaries. For information on the scope of each of our current blogs, please click on the relevant page.

If you are interested in contributing to a particular blog we invite you to contact the blog curator directly. If you are an APCS member and would like to curate a blog on this site, please contact Michael O’Loughlin, the site manager, at michaeloloughlinphd@gmail.com.

If you would like to learn more about APCS, or if you wish to join our association, please visit our website at apcsweb.net or find us on Facebook..

We invite you to enjoy our current blogs and archives and we welcome your contributions to the dialog.


Marilyn Charles & Michael O’Loughlin (Co-chairs, APCS)